New Age Musician Releases A Transformative Album of Original Piano Compositions

Transformative life lessons taught through melodic piano parable

Kaysville, Utah – April 27th, 2021 – For some musicians, their compositions serve as a diary or an archive of special life moments. For Wade Roberts, composing music became an avenue of prolonging his influence and extending his reach. Suffering from a rapidly deteriorating terminal illness, Roberts left a piece of himself in each emotion-filled and brilliantly conceived melody. Roberts has written nearly an hour of original piano compositions and is now releasing his music in his first album, ‘Transformations: Piano Parables.’ The reflective listener will find each song drenched in emotion, ripe in reflection, and coated in contemplation.

Shortly after birth, Roberts was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis, a hereditary disease affecting the lung and digestive system. His initial disadvantage did not prevent him from achieving goals as a college athlete (swimming), in academics, (Ph.D. in economics), or from creating a family (wife and three children). In 2020, his health deteriorated rapidly, and Roberts determined to move forward with publishing his music without any further ado.

The talented artist’s new album is truly a delight for the listener. Composing in the genres of Classic as well as New Age, a paradoxical blend, the acoustic pianist’s melodies are bound to infuse thoughtful reflection and introspection. Consisting of twelve songs, ‘Transformations: Piano Parables” was composed at critical and transformative times in the artist’s life. The music not only captures Roberts’ emotions, but it also takes his audiences on a highly personal and intimate journey with several lessons that the audiences will intuit along the way. According to the artist, the stories told in each song relay an important life lesson through the piano, in the form of a parable. In line with this storytelling, the album has been aptly titled.

In recent news, Roberts has started a drug trial for the treatment of Cystic Fibrosis. Roberts is now responding very well to the treatment and has gained nearly fifty pounds since starting this treatment. Energized and in a dramatically improved physical condition, Wade Roberts is looking forward to his musical journey. Now, having published his piano music, the artist is striving to write additional songs in an effort to assist others in their own life journey.

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Wade is a Ph.D. professor of economics. Specializing in Development Economist, he has been highly focused on poverty in Cambodia. Over the years, Wade has involved his family in his development trips in an attempt to expand the reach of his humanitarian efforts to several rural areas in Cambodia.




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