New Album And Book From Suca

Suca Of Suca Music Releasing ‘LOST IN A MAZE’

Ann Arbor, Michigan – Artists are always creating music and art that resonates with the people. The mark of a talented artist is being able to invoke all the right feelings in your listeners. Suca, from Suca Music, is one of these artists.
Romantics who have a need for music that truly describes the depth of their feelings will love Suca’s music. She makes music for the sensuous, the sexy, and the beautiful. Alternatively, her music is bound to make anybody feel the best about themselves.

Suca is a multi-talented artist. Her latest release, ‘LOST IN A MAZE’ is accompanied by both a book and a music video to tell the story in several different formats. The book is going to be available globally sooner than expected.
The upcoming book is tied intrinsically to the song and music video ‘LOST IN A MAZE.’ The music video has garnered a lot of attention after being released on January 9, 2021. It is hard to imagine that the book won’t receive just as much positive attention.

Suca inspires, loves and spreads peace to all who she encounters, “I Have an urgent desire to be at peace. To give and show love through my actions. Love taking the time to appreciate the universe and all its beauty and wonder. The water keeps me grounded and the stars give me direction. The gift of choice means the world to me and RESPECT is necessary for survival! Jah Bless!” – Love Suca

The artist mainly creates in genres of Jazz and R&B, not only singing her music but writing it as well. All of her music and writing is available to listen to on her official website. For more, you can website Suca’s official Youtube channel or visit any of her social media!





Suca from Suca Music is a singer, songwriter, and author. The artist was born in Jamaica and is Senegalese and Jamaican and is now creating music in Michigan at the moment. Suca is more than just her music; she is an author as well. The artist is heavily invested in charity work and community service.



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