New Album From Charles Grigsby

New Music Album: “Hindsight” by Charles Grigsby

Schaumburg, Illinois – Life takes many different twists and turns. It opens up a wide variety of opportunities, and it is up to the person to seize them. The journey of life is by no means effortless, but Charles Grigsby has taken his experiences and made music out of them.

Charles Grigsby is an Oberlin born singer-songwriter who made it to the finals of American Idol Season 2. He has performed overseas and produced his music from the very beginning. While the start of Charles’ career kicked off promisingly, he, unfortunately, lost his singing voice for nine years.

Performing and recording for insane hours took his voice, and with it his music. But, the small setback hasn’t stopped Charles from returning. With the help of his church community, Charles slowly started to sing again. He shows his gratitude through his latest album, “Hindsight.”

The new album “Hindsight” was created during the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the cumbersome circumstances, Charles made the best of his home studio and a slew of online freelancers to create ten tracks.

The album and its songs are inspired by the life of the artist himself. Charles’ journey from Oberlin to American Idol to Christ is the inspiration and essence of the album. The ten tracks are meant to inspire and encourage. As an artist and human, Charles believes that we are blessed to be a blessing and hopes to spread this around the world.

The new album “Hindsight” is now available, for free on the official website of Charles Grigsby. Come end-January, the album is going to be available on all major streaming platforms. Make sure to listen to “Hindsight” and follow Charles Grigsby on social media for updates!




Charles Grigsby is an American singer-songwriter that has recently returned to the music industry with a new sound and album. After an exciting time at American Idol, Charles turned to producing and releasing his own music. He performed across the United States and overseas before he lost his singing voice. After recovering, Grigsby has returned to music.



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