New and Up Coming Artist Is Ready To Break The Glass Ceiling

Vibrant, refreshing, and authentic – Xanderr Monroe is ready to astonish

San Antonio, Texas – March 26th, 2021 – Electronica fans have finally some good news lined up for them. Artist Xanderr Monroe an emerging artist who composes music in the electronica genre, is all set to further his music journey. Having released several song tracks, Xanderr can’t wait to release more new music for his listeners.

With a very chill and relaxed vibe to his compositions, the artist’s vocals are also very relaxing and vibe with the broad genre. The slight upbeat feel to his music is classic, making for an authentic electronica experience for the listener. Xanderr’s music style and work are recommended for all audiences, including those who do not follow the genre regularly. Listener’s not acquainted with the artist’s music will get captivated by the catchy beats and the equally enjoyable lyrics of the songs. Based on the day-to-day experiences and regular life events, Xanderr’s music is all about taking the ordinary and transforming it into something highly gratifying for the listener.

The singer/songwriter belonging to the LGBTQIA+ community uses his music to express and create unique experiences for his listeners. Genuinely creative and versatile with his compositions, Xanderr’s music has already received a lot of praise and appreciation.

The emerging artist has plans to make it into mainstream music and make it big. For now, Xanderr intends on releasing more songs soon. He wishes to promote his music to TV and radio interviews, reviews, and collaborations. Readers can also listen to his released works on his website here. For more information and to connect with the artist, readers are welcome to connect with the artist via his social media links given below.






Xanderr Monroe is twenty-five years old and a Gemini. Xanderr started his music career after quitting the corporate world once he realized his true calling lay elsewhere. A talented singer and songwriter, he wants his music to become mainstream one day.




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