New Release By Mark the P.i.m.p to Lift Up the Spirits of All

Mark the P.i.m.p released New Single “Smooth Ones” on November 22nd!

Anchorage, Alaska – In the past few years, the world as a collective has seen a myriad of changes and revolutions take place. In the midst of the world changing, one thing has remained constant, the use of music to inspire. Artists like Mark the P.i.m.p have been using music for generations to push for a better world, and today is no different.

In his quest to see the old generation and new generation come together, Mark the P.i.m.p has put together a new single. The song is pushing for the unity of two different generations, a blending of ideologies, to achieve human satisfaction with the spiritual world.

Two different generations have never been able to truly come together. The ideology, opinions, and ideas that change in the span of a generation tend to clash. However, even in the midst of such a clash, music is inspirational, educational, and motivational like no speech can ever be.

Mark the P.i.m.p is attempting to make a difference with his music. He’s using his new single, “Smooth ones” with its blend of rap, hip-hop, and universal music to motivate, educate, and inspire two generations to unify for a common cause. He has often referred to his music as “mentoring food for the soul.”

Having seen the power music hold, Mark the P.i.m.p has put out his single “Smooth Ones.” As of November 22nd, 2020, it is available to stream on all major streaming platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, and more! Check out the new single, “Smooth Ones”, and follow Mark the P.i.m.p on Facebook!



Mark the P.i.m.p or Marcus Weldon, is a California-born artist who has settled in Anchorage, Alaska. Having seen the power of music, the rapper is intent on using his music to wedge the gap between the two generations to achieve human satisfaction in the spiritual world.


Mark the P.i.m.p
Marcus Weldon
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