New Singer/Songwriter Rises From The Ashes of Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix, Arizona, Maricopa County — Friday, August 9th, 2019 — New singer/songwriter, Jeyne Doe has released a new poptastic, EDM/dance, a rock-infused track that was made for clubs and dancing. Her new song “Dig & Bury” will light up dance floors across the globe.

Fans of artists like Lady Gaga and Paramore will find something to rock out to; while lovers of other genres can find something in the track they admire. “Dig & Bury” is now available on all streaming platforms, including, but not limited to, Apple Music/iTunes, Spotify, and Tidal. The track gives listeners something to rave about on the dance floor or simply rock out to in the car.

“I wrote the track [Dig & Bury] six years ago and it was just a simple poem that I later turned into a song, along with one of my other songs, “Speechless”. When I composed the song in my head I wanted a rock-influenced pop track. I thought, what if Lady Gaga and Paramore put a song together? How would that sound? …And that’s how “Dig & Bury” was born,” Jeyne said about the track that has been picking up popularity on SoundCloud.

“Dig & Bury” was first released to SoundCloud in early July and has since been made for sale on iTunes and included on other streaming platforms as well.

“Dig & Bury” is Jeyne’s breakout track that surpasses genre or rules when it comes to composing a song. There is something in it for everyone who takes a listen.

Jeyne can be found on Instagram at @jeynedoelive and you can listen to “Dig & Bury” on Apple Music.



Jeyne Doe is an artist from New York who moved to Phoenix, AZ a little over two years ago. She has been creating music since she was 4 years old and has written over 100 songs before going into the seventh grade. Jeyne likes to create music that surpasses genre and doesn’t stick to one mold. Jeyne is always reinventing and reimagining genres so any song she writes can have something in it for all music lovers.



Jeyne Doe

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