Nikki Turley is an upcoming musician from Arkansas

Bryant, Arkansas — Hey everyone! Nikki is an upcoming musician from Central, Arkansas.  There are three singles currently out for you to hear!

Nikki is super talented and has been working very hard toward her music career. She loves playing both guitar and bass and writes her own songs. Nikki has played in the Gorilla Music Battle of The Bands where her and her band placed 3rd in the finals. Despite the band not being together, Nikki has continued to work toward her goals of moving up in the music industry and continuing to pursue  her music career. She is definitely worth checking out.

Keep believing in your dream, don’t ever give up.

Things may get hard, but you can do it.

Go check out Nikki’s three singles! You can find them on platforms such as Pandora, iTunes, Spotify, TikTok and Apple Music!

“Remember Me” , “You Dug Your Own Grave”, and ” The Fire Is Burning”

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Nikki is a 34-year-old musician born in Little Rock, Arkansas. Nikki is a mother of one, a standard poodle-owner, and a pet stylist in addition to being a woman in the music industry. Nikki currently resides near Bryant, Arkansas.

Nikki’s music could be classified as Alt/Rock. Nikki writes music that is fun for her listeners.


Nikki Turley
Name: Nikki Turley
Address: PO BOX 573, Bryant, Arkansas
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 501-859-3482
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