Nneka Releases Newest Single, “Wavey”

Listen to the Latest Release by the Up and Coming Afrobeat Artist Nneka for Catchy Tunes

London, United Kingdom  – Nneka is a singer hailing from the UK. She uses her versatile talents in music to compose songs in R&B, soul, afrobeat, and pop. The singer’s deep voice pairs perfectly with her light and upbeat music, giving music lovers a unique combination to enjoy. The artist hopes to create music that gives people and thereby her, a sense of joy and satisfaction.

“Wavey” is Nneka’s latest single to hit Youtube and some of the music channels in West Africa. The single features the Ghanaian artist, Agbeshie, rapping in his mother tongue. The song subtly uses the sounds of 90s R&B music to invoke nostalgia with retro pop tunes, and low pitched vocals. The singer communicates to the listeners a message about self-actualization and freedom from self-doubt. “Wavey” is produced by Nneu music, an independent record label started by Nneka and her partner.

“Wavey” is a fun, catchy, and popping song that will surely capture the attention of listeners who enjoy afrobeat and R&B sounds. With this song, Nneka hopes to inspire others to live in the present moment and enjoy their lives moving forward. The singer’s future goal is to professionally pursue her creative projects involving singing, dancing, hair, makeup, and fashion.

Listen to “Wavey,” out now on Youtube. Listeners can also follow the artist and her record label on social media with the information given below.





Nneka is a female singer hailing from London, United Kingdom. She is well-known for her contralto singing voice that she uses to create deep and sultry vocals for all her music. Listeners often compare her voice to the Grammy-nominated contralto singer, Toni Braxton. The singer considers all her musical projects as her “babies,” for which she always enjoys making beautiful melodies and visuals to go with them. Her songs are representative of the R&B and pop music genre with afrobeat sounds to make them stand out.


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