No Small Matter Take Big Swings With A Pair Of 2019 EPs

Far Away and No Small Matter Available Now


Abington, Massachusetts – September 24, 2019 – Two men by the name of Zach and one known as Gordon connected over a shared love of music in the midst of 2016. A year later they had one song to their name, but all that changed in 2019 when they dropped their self-titled debut EP in March and soon after followed that up with Far Away at the end of July.

Three-songs deep, No Small Matter quickly established what this trio was all about; lyrical transparency intertwined with chords that make audiences want to move about. They get a little heavier on Far Away, with arrangements that give Queens of the Stone Age vibes. With influences that range across the board, fans of everything from ’90s alternative rock to ’00s pop-punk will enjoy what they hear from the press of play on No Small Matter’s Spotify playlist.

Regulars on the local scene, No Small Matter have been steadily building a name for themselves on the homefront, but have plans to take things on the road soon as they work on releasing even more new rock.

Those interested in adding new alternative rock to their playlists, reviewing Far Away, or interviewing No Small Matter can reach out via the information provided below.

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No Small Matter is an alternative rock band from the South Shore of Massachusetts that dropped not one but two EPs within the last 12 months, and they’ve promised more is on the way.

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