Norman Collins: I Must Be Dreaming

Norman Collins ReviewMixing rock with country is nothing new, but it’s always good. That’s the first thought you have with that and also with Norman Collins’ “I Must Be Dreaming.” The record opens up with “6th and Mission.” Here the story of a man really takes the forefront takes listeners for a nice ride. Things slow down a but with “Get Back in the Car.” Again, the words are telling but there’s a different feel with this one; more heartfelt. In “Practical Home Rule” we get the pep back in our step as we tell the tale of the common man and his wages. Towards the end of the record, we have a firm grasp over who Norman Collins is and what he’s all about. He’s the common man strapped with a guitar. He sings what he knows, what he sees, and what he wants in life and that’s something we can all respect. If you’re a fan of country that has a rock base and a folky feel, check out “I Must Be Dreaming,” out now. (