Nyan Como Promotes Nonviolence In New Song

Band Calls For Love And Peace In The World

Plantation, FL – November 3, 2020 – Veteran reggae band Nyan Como is hoping to promote peace with the release of their latest song. “Throw Away The Gun” is a song about the negative impact guns have had on the world. The song is a plea to lay down weapons and unite as one people.

“Throw Away The Gun” is a powerful song that still manages to use traditional reggae sounds. The message of the track “is to enlighten the mass about the negative effect that guns have had on the world at large and why we should accept the truth that the gun is a weapon of destruction that was made to do one thing only, destroy life.” The lyrics of the song promote their message with emotional poignancy. Along with their political and social impact, Nyan Como’s expert playing if their instruments and their vocals display their immense talent. The six musicians are masters of their craft. “Throw Away The Gun” is available on streaming platforms worldwide.

Nyan Como is made up of six Rastafarian Brothers. The band has been together since the early 80s. They traveled around the US and Caribbean, picking up inspiration for their sound. Nyan Como took a temporary hiatus from music, but now they are back better than ever. The band is ready to make waves on the music chart and share their brand of reggae music with the world. Be sure to check out this band and add it to your playlist.

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