TSwang Drops An Array Of Hip Hop Singles

New Songs Offer Smooth Beats

South Bend, IN – September 25, 2020 – Hip hop artist TSwang is ready to get fans excited with a string of hot new singles that will keep the thrills coming. “V.I.P Status feat Lady Resin” and “I Aint No Quitta” have unique sounds that will keep listeners hitting repeat.

“V.I.P Status feat Lady Resin” and “I Aint No Quitta” are finely crafted studio productions, fully written by TSwang. “V.I.P. Status” features the powerful vocals of both TSwang and Lady Resin. The track is intense with its bass-filled beats. “I Ain’t No Quitta” features a fully realized hip hop melody with TSwang’s unique take on hip hop. Both tracks are available on Spotify, Pandora, Tidal, iTunes, Amazon, Deezer, and Apple Music.

TSwang has gained fame opening for artists such as Drake, Lyfe Jennings, Jeremiah, Carl Thomas, and Genuwine. He ha

100proofmook Thrills With New Album Release

Rap Artist Hopes for Immortality With Latest Release

Philadelphia, PA – September 23, 2020 – Rapper 100proofmook has got fans hyped up with his latest album drop. IMMORTAL is a blend of cool sound and catchy lyrics that are needed for every playlist.

IMMORTAL has deep, bass beats that listeners will feel in their bones. All those melodies showcase the raw, cutting lyrics sung by 100proofmook. The album’s tracks hold nothing back and are in your face. The album was released on September 20th. Rap lovers can check it out on streaming platforms.

100proofmook a talented/versatile artist that can give listeners the views from the trenches of Philly. His talent also makes club bangers and other different vibes at the same time. The artist has been rapping on and off since 2012,  but he just started taking it seriously last year around August, making a dive into the music scene. He hopes to be a household name soon.


Dany L Blackburn Is Breaking Barriers In Alternative Rock

New Singles Will Blow Away Audiences

Bellflower, California – September 25, 2020-  Dany L Blackburn is showing her power as a composer, producer, and musician with the release of the latest rocking singles. “Ride the Wave” and “Get You Through” showcase Dany’s amazing talents as an artist.

“Ride the Wave” and “Get You Through” draw from the depths of Dany’s talent and creativity. Each track is made from scratch, meaning all sound heard in production is original and not made from premade recordings. The songs feature hardcore alternative melodies with Dany’s emotional lyrics. These songs are breaking the barrier in a male-dominated music genre. Both songs are available on streaming platforms.

Dany L Blackburn comes from a strong musical background. Her father was a famed musician, and Dany began her musical path at a young age. She started playing the piano at age

Ramon “Ray” Claveria Teams Up With Old Friend For Texas Louisiana Border

‘Full Circle’ Out Now, Christmas Album Out Soon 


Corpus Christi, Texas – September 25, 2020 – Some say when a friendship has a solid enough foundation, that time is never an issue when it comes to keeping their connection. Just ask Ramon “Ray” Claveria and his friend of 50 years, Tim Weller. Teaming up after 35 years apart, they have one album out now and another expected out around the holidays. 

Claveria and Weller met just as disco was starting to take over the world. It was 1970 and the pair performed together for a handful of years and even started the band A Bright Tomorrow. However, they decided to part ways but always kept in touch. 15 years after their initial meeting, Weller was busy rounding out his new band, Moe Betta, and reached out to Claveria to take part. That time the ride

Limelight Records Proudly Presents King Gems

A Soulful Take on Hip Hop 


Danville, Virginia – September 25, 2020 – Hip hop is a force in the music industry, with some arguing the genre has been the most influential one in modern history. That’s not only due to the staying power of the music but the genre’s ability to shift, change, and evolve thanks to artists like King Gems. Blending soulful ways with hip hop, this Danville native is looking to make his own influential, lasting impression. 

King Gems has never been without music in his life. Growing up around a lot of negative aspects, music was the shining light in an otherwise dim reality. As he got older, he not only leaned on music for comfort but started to realize that he had a gift. With that, he started rapping in local clubs and eventually grew his name in the underground scene

Pastor Ricky Offers New Fusion Of Gospel Music

Gospel Reggae Album Brings The Faith In A Unique Way

Rockville, MD – September 25, 2020 – Minister and gospel artist Pastor Ricky is bringing his love for God and humanity in his newest album. “Blessed to be a Blessing” is a mix of genres and full of peace and harmony.

“Blessed to be a Blessing” fuses together five music genres to create a unique musical experience. They included Afro, Calypso Soca, Mento, Worship, and Reggae. Each song will move the spirit of listeners and make them sing. Pastor Ricky also collaborated with other gospel artists on the album, creating an array of talent. There are songs on the album about the Coronvirus pandemic and an Intercession Prayer track. The album is available on streaming platforms.

Pastor Ricky is the Pastor of Kingdom Connection Outreach Ministries. His love for music and God have combined to make beautiful songs that inspire people. Pastor Ricky released

Legendary R&B Crooner Tony Terry Returns With “Born Ta Luv Ya”

New Single Available Now 


Atlanta, Georgia – September 25, 2020 – Veteran songwriter and performer Tony Terry is back and better than ever with his latest R&B creation, “Born Ta Luv Ya.” 

If there is one thing that can be agreed upon it is that R&B is one genre that will never die because it is based on two of the most humanistic experiences; love and heartbreak. Today, the legendary R&B singer Tony Terry is proud to present one of those experiences with his soulful, beautiful new single, “Born Ta Luv Ya.’ The way Tony Terry’s vocals pair with the music, it is like a warm embrace from a loved one – which is something we can all use in 2020. 

Tony Terry is no stranger to music. He got his start as a backup singer for the pop group Sweet Sensat

Curt Cannabis Offers Unique Flair To Rock Music

New EP Will Have Listeners Feeling The Noise

Lafayette, Indiana – September 25, 2020 – Rock artist Curt Cannabis has released a finely crafted EP for rock fans around the world.  “Saved My Life” brings a nostalgic rock feel with an edge listeners will love.

“Saved My Life” contains powerful rock music tracks, showcasing the talent of the band’s playing. “Falling Sensation” off the EP has a ballad feel with a hard rock beat. The lyrics are catchy and are perfect for singing along. The album will bring back the feeling of being at a concert and having a good time. The album was released on streaming platforms.

Curt Cannabis is a high energy performer with a love for music. His fun showmanship and powerful voice have earned him a large fan following.

To listen to more of his music, or for interested parties to reach out to Curt Cannabis for an interview on their site, podcast,

Singer-Songwriter Delivers Two Distinct Styles Spartacus Jones 

New Music Available Now 


Ithaca, New York – September 25, 2020 – Everyone has multiple sides to who they are. For example, singer-songwriter Spartacus Jones isn’t just someone who specializes in Jazz Noir. Oh no, with this talented musician, fans also get a large dose of Renegade Country music. While his styles fall on opposite sides of the spectrum, he finds a way to make them each work in their own way. 

Spartacus Jones compares the two styles to being one-jacks; the Jack of Spades being the Jazz Noir, and the Jack of Hearts representing his Renegade Country style. With songs like “Old School” there is an untouched level of class, while “Chansons de geste” advocates for liberty and justice. This Chicago-born artist isn’t just about writing about making a difference in this world, he’