Drivetime Is Bringing Listeners A Unique Jazz Style

New Album Is Must Have for Jazz Fans

Doylestown, Pennsylvania – July 29, 2020 – Calling their style urban organic jazz, Drivetime is introducing more of this amazing style to listeners. Their new album, “Mysterious Life,” will take jazz lovers on a soulful journey.

“Mysterious Life” is produced by Michael B. Sutton and gives the listener a full array of rhythmic jazz. The latest two releases from the CD are “duFuNk” & “Phatt” and have been charted on Nielsen’s BDS Music Charts. Jazz aficionados need the album to their playlist immediately and enjoy the smooth beats. Each song is a journey.

Drivetime has garnered international fame over the past decade. Drivetime has released multiple CDs and singles that have earned them fans around the globe. Drivetime

Scorpiostatic’s New Music Takes You Into A Fantasy World

Recently Released Album Is An EDM Hit

Alexandria, US – July 29, 2020 – EDM artist Scorpiostatic is ready to share his array of musical talent with the world with his newest album. “Utopia” promises to take listeners to a paradise on earth with its sound.

“Utopia” is a unique combination of piano, Keyboards, synthesizers, guitars, drums, and drum machines. All these sounds are produced by Scorpiostatic. The music on the album ranges from high energy to relaxing. There is a song for every one of life’s moments. The album takes EDM music to the next level.

Scorpiostatic is a British EDM producer, born in Hong Kong, now living in the US. His musical influence is the music sounds of the early 90’s raves. The artist does not use computer programs to make his music. Each instrument is

Boruch Tkachuk Offers Love Through His Music

New Single Is A Message of Hope

Philadelphia, PA – July 29, 2020 – Boruch Tkachuk is a rising alternative music artist who is ready to share their inspiring new single. “Lost Soul” is a song to help raise mental health awareness.

“Lost Soul” features the powerful vocals of Boruch, singing about an emotional topic. The instrumentals complement the impact of the song. The song is about awareness about people who going through harsh times and want to commit suicide. Boruch hopes to help as many people as he can through this song.

Boruch Tkachuk (AKA Illya Tkachuk) was born in 1989 in Korosten, Ukraine. From a young age, he learned to play the accordion. He became interested in metal and alternative music as a teenager. He learned to play guitar and moved to the United States. Boruch released an EP last year titled “Don’t Look Bac

Jon River Will Wow Listeners With Soulful Tracks

New Music Will Carry You Away

Newport, Rhode Island – July 27, 2020 – Instrumental rock artist Jon River is hoping to reach listeners through his skillful guitar tracks. The upcoming EP, “Learning to Fly,” will take listeners into the clouds.

“Learning to Fly” is a 6-track EP full of Jon’s talented singing with the guitar by Declan Jenkins. Listeners will also hear Jon’s talent in writing song lyrics that touch the soul. It is Rock music with its roots in the 70s & ’80s with a modern production sound. The EP was recorded at the Music Building in NYC in conjunction with 2 New York-based musician/producers, Liam & Declan Jenkins

Jon River Was Born In Fall River, Massachusetts. He Took Up Playing Guitar At The Age Of 13, Which Was When His Love For Writing Music Was Born.

Tiffany Blade Brings A Raw New Sound

Hit Single Features Lyrical Flow

Detroit, Michigan – July 28, 2020 – Straight from the Motor City, rapper Tiffany Blade’s raw and emotional sound echoes across the airwaves. Her hit singles, “Mobb Music,” takes you into Tiffany’s world of music.

“Mobb Music” features unique, lyrical storytelling matched by hardcore rap sounds. Tiffany’s powerful voice resonates with listeners. Tiffany’s voice and look shifts from raw sex appeal to soft in moments. At the center of Tiffany’s music and brand is a powerful female artist, showing the males in the industry how it’s done.

Tiffany has been making music since 2005 with legendary Detroit rap Group Street Lordz. She is the niece of the late great Blade Icewood, so music is in her DNA. Tiffany is also a writer, executive producer,

Duo Habitz’s New Single Is For The High Life

Two Halves Make A Whole Hit

San Diego, CA -July 28, 2020- Rap due Habitz is bringing their unique sound to blast the speakers everywhere with the release of the new music. Their new single, “Cadillac Dippin’,” brings back the old school cool.

Cadillac Dippin” which is off our debut album “Relentless” will wow listeners with its smooth bass lines and light beats. It brings back the nostalgia of the 90s rap, and you’ll find yourself dancing while the sun goes down. The combined vocals of KNITWIT and Trazel will have listeners falling in love with the song.

The group HABITZ consists of two artists/producers from southern California. KNITWIT is a Grammy-nominated songwriter/artist and music producer earning a gold record for his musical works on the hit tv series Empire. KNITW

LSGBOOMAN Brings The Noise From Chicago

New Song Highlights Artist’s Struggles

Chicago, IL – July 28, 2020- Rising hip hop star LSGBOOMAN is releasing the power of his talent with the release of his new song. “Chase a Bag” is an emotional journey, inspired by the singer’s real-life experiences.

“Chase a Bag” features the electric lyrics by LSGBOOMAN coupled with the smooth musical track. The song is about his past and challenges that he has overcome to get where he is today. Fans of hip hop will enjoy adding this to their playlist and jamming to the beats. It’ll be the perfect song for those long nights.

LSGBOOMAN memo600 cousin and he was born and raised in the Robert Taylor homes projects. LSGBOOMAN uses the pain and negative environment to make his success story. Losing his close friend nunu to gun violence woke him up and changed his life. LSGBOOMAN has bee

Seanblue Is Ready For A Magical Return On Music

New Music Is Nothing But Good Fortune

Philadelphia, PA – July 27, 2020- Up and coming R&B artist Sean blue is showing listeners how things can turn around with his new music. His single “Karma” is proof that what goes around, comes around, mainly good music.

“Karma” is full of smooth beats and the silky voice of Sean blue. The song is full of emotion and raw with musical genius. The music’s message is simple, but its impact on listeners goes deep. Karma is an accumulation of actions, and people must be careful about what they do. For fans of hip hop music, they will add this to their playlist as soon as possible. 

Sea blue started doing music when he was 15 years old. It has seen him through many dark times in his life and now life has given him hope. He has sung in an adult choir and

Get’m Wants Fans To Join Their Music Nation

Duo Releases Hot Debut Album

Ebensburg, PA – July 27, 2020 – Cam and Skweeze, members of the hip hop duo Get’m, are ready to turn up the noise with their debut album. “The Detour” along with its accompanying Indie-Documentary also titled “The Detour” will have listeners ready to party.

“The Detour” is ready to land on the playlist of every hip hop fan. The unique sounds of the album give it an edge over most hip hop songs. Get’s originally tried to be a rock band but ended up going into hip hop. The musical transition is present in the duo’s musical styles and lyrics.

Skweeze’s background:
Skweeze began pursuing music at an early age, coming from a very judgmental and dramatic upbringing. He began playing guitar around age 10. He has auditioned for ‘America’s Got Talent’ Twice, once in Baltimore, and once in Norfolk. Skweeze is a very big Bob Dylan fan. He loves all of his works and has had the bles