Gospel Artist Donald Harris Spreads God’s Love With His Music

Songs For Those Who Believe

Parkton, NC – August 8, 2020 – Gospel Artist Donald Harris is spreading a message of faith and love for his fans. His gospel music will soothe weary souls and help uplift people in their time of need.

Donald Harris formed his band with the mission to reach as many people as possible and spread God’s message. Donald wants listeners to have their pain taken away with God’s love. Gospel music lovers will feel the spirituality in each note. There is grace offered in Donald’s music, giving light to those who feel they are in a dark place.

Donald Harris has been a life long lover of music. Donald is now taking that love and making music for the world to hear. He has plans for upcoming projects with his band. However, the main mission of Donald and his band is to insp

Alan Whittaker Thrills With Multiple Collaborations

Alan Shows Off His Talent With Great Music

Essex, United Kingdom – July 28, 2020 – British artist Alan Whittaker, aka Acoustic Al, has a talent for music and working with the best in the industry. Along with releasing albums and singles, Alan has teamed up to create amazing masterpieces.

Acoustic Al’s most recent collaborations are with the talented Canadian singer/ songwriter Jacob Moon and US Artist Steffi J. His song “Fireflies” with Jacob Moon was a hit. The combination of talent is a delightful musical journey. Acoustic Al is releasing a single soon titled “Media Zoo.” Listeners will need to run to Spotify and add it to their playlist immediately and will be immersed in the music.

Alan is a UK based composer and producer. He has written and produced several albums, including two featuring acclaimed vocal coach Sally Rivers. Alan also composes for musical theatre and has co-produced several shows in London &a

The JONESES Are A Gospel Powerhouse

New Single Will Have Listeners Believing

Fredericksburg, VA – August 8, 2020- Gospel band The JONESES are excited to bring God’s love and hope to listeners across the nation. “I BELIEVE” comes at the right time when people are feeling sad and weary in the world.

“I BELIEVE” is the first single released from The JONESES during a musical hiatus. The song’s message comes as a herald for people feeling hopeless in the world. It’s soulful music and hopeful message will have fans feeling the faith again. The talents of the band’s musicians will astound listeners, and have them asking for more.

The JONESES’ members are Wendell Noble, Ramone Noble, and Sam White. The group has made music together for 25 years. The band’s outstanding credits include a performance on Soul Train, now on YouTube. They have also performed with amazing acts such as James Brown. They have graced the stage at Madison Square Garden and The Apoll

V’Dollas Is Bringing The Party Anthem Of The Year

New Album Will Get Fans On Their Feet

Los Angeles, CA – August 8, 2020- Music producer turned artist V’Dollas is ready to get fans dancing all night with his new release. V’Dollas’ upcoming album 1594 is a homage to his hometown.

1594 will have listeners moving their feet to the rhythm. It’s the perfect song for those hot days by the pool or in the club. The album was preceded by the release of V’Dollas’ single “Song,” which was released 7/18/2020. It’s already gained multiple downloads and streams online. V’Dollas’ music is a fun mix of hip hop lyrics and upbeat rhythms. 

Born in Miami, V’Dollas moved out to California and expanded his music career. V’Dollas is in a group called VST. That stands for V’Dollas, SavDidIt, and Tejohn Anax.They have songs out with Future, E-4

G-Rale Gambino Is Making Music Magic With Hip Beats

New Single And Project Are A Wild Ride

Dallas, Texas – August 3, 2020 – Straight from the Lone Star state, Hip Hop artist G-Rale Gambino is making waves with his new music. With his latest single and another upcoming project, G-Rale Gambino is taking over the hip world.

G-Rale Gambino released a single over the summer called “Move!” The song has been streamed over 30 thousand times worldwide, gaining a huge fanbase. The song is the opening move for an upcoming project called 1st Gear. Thi project will focus on the various styles, aspects, and give an insight into G-Rale (for short) as a true musician and lyricist. Listeners will see G-Rale’s creativity shine through. Hip hop lovers will not want to miss this future musical masterpiece.

Music has always been apart of G-Rale Gambino’s life, especially during his years at school. G-Rale would take part in freestyle music battles at the lunch tables or on the buses t

Natural Vybz Is Turning Up The Music Industry

Singer Promotes New Single From Album

Hurst, Texas – July 31, 2020- Natural Vybz is hyping up listeners for the release of his new single from his upcoming album. “Touch” is a reggae masterpiece, bringing the flair of the Caribbean into your playlist.

The single “Touch” is a taste of Natural Vybz’s upcoming album “2020 Vision.” “Touch” will have listeners swaying to beat, and imagining themselves on warm sands. The music and lyrics echo Natural Vybz’s upbringing on the island of St. Lucian. Fans of reggae should not miss out on this great song.

Natural Vybz, born Morgan Jankie, was surrounded by music at a young age. The young Natural Vybz started nurturing his talent on sound systems in St. Lucia, gaining local fame. After coming to the United States, Natural Vybz devoted him

Mafia Homie Jody Releases Hot New Track

New Releases Will Uplift Listeners

Memphis, TN – July 31, 2020 – Up and coming artist Mafia Homie Jody is ready to invite fans along his musical journey and uplift others during these hard times. His track “Betta Days Ahead” will have fans seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

“Betta Days Ahead” was released on July 24, 2020. It is part of the third mixtape released by Mafia Homie Jody. The lyrics are inspiring, a message of hope for people wanting to give up and helping them to get going. The music itself is soothing, getting right to the heart of the listener.

Mafia Homie Jody recorded his first song at 9 and has been making music since. The artist is currently making music with the label Taylor Made Royalty. Mafia Homie Jody’s goal in making music is to reach p

Hippie Speedball Encourages Fans To Raise Their Voice

New Music Will Psych Up Listeners

Nashville, TN – July 29, 2020 – Tennesse based band Hippie Speedball is ready to rock the world with the release of new music. The band is ready to release three new songs in the upcoming months.

Titled “Don’t Think Twice,” “Trouble,” and “Acid Rain,” these songs are full of the psych-rock sound played by the band. “Don’t Think Twice” is about being in an unhealthy/addict love type relationship and the internal fight that comes with trying to escape that. The other two songs are protest anthems, encouraging people to make their voices heard.

Hippie Speedball is a five-member band that fate brought together. After bandleader Dylan took a musical hiatus, she decided it was time to make music again. She gathered four talented members: Daniel De

Nashville Songwriter Releases Country Self-Help Digital Single

-Nashville, TN- July 30, 2020- “Change Your Thinking,” a country/rock “self-help” record, has been released by Nashville songwriter Raleigh Squires, who describes it as an effort to deliver a positive spiritual message to people struggling with life issues like alcohol/drug addictions and mental health problems like anxiety and depression.

Squires believes the song, an up-tempo, rocking music track with country instrumentation from some of Nashville’s best country players and “very positive, hopefully, mind- changing” lyrics, could help people suffering from any cause of anxiety or depression turn their lives around.”

“I’ve had close family members dealing with serious drug and alcohol addictions–and all of us deal with anxiety and depression at some point,” Squires said, “I believe we get caught up in life and spend most of our thinking reacting in a negative way to what we see as negative events in our lives not realizing how much power