Passionate and Dynamic Rock that Transcends All Bounds: Solo Dynamo Old Foes Releases New Album

A multi-genre performance, Old Foes’ self-titled, debut album provides a unique vantage point into solo-artist Kyle Rigsby and his enriching musical appeal

Baltimore, Maryland — July 19th, 2022 – When it comes to producing music that is by its essence diverse, there are few rising acts like Old Foes. The Foes’ independent style is the product of founder and songwriter Kyle Rigsby’s self-owned Swear Jar Publishing LLC.

Through a pensive ethos, Rigsby’s new project mirrors the struggles of personal evolution and vitality from embracing self-actualization through his moving song writing, lyricism, and style.

A stunning new release, ‘Old Foes’ portrays a meaningful coming-of-age journey from chaotic beginnings to the illumination of budding hope and optimism. The album presents a much-needed breath of fresh air, contrasting with the industry’s observably “music-label-driven pipeline” of today.

A heartening and varied Rock album, ‘Old Foes’ underscores a fusion of Metal, Progressive Rock, and Soft Rock styles, dissonant melodies, and story-boarding artwork. Following a bi-weekly release of 10 singles beginning in March, ‘Old Foes’ the album drops in its entirety for audiences on all music platforms July 19th.

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Founded in 2021, Old Foes is the stage name and brainchild of American solo-artist Kyle Rigsby, who is based in Baltimore, Maryland. Working alongside musicians Jeremy Robertson on drums, Eric McCullough on electric guitar, and studio engineer Tony Corelli, the Old Foes engross listeners with their refreshing flair.

Despite having no prior musical ventures to speak of and aided by the talent of numerous artists in the often-underestimated Baltimore music scene, Kyle independently established the ‘Old Foes’ brand.

Completing recording in 2021, Old Foes marked its debut with the single “Appetite” on March 14, 2022. Inspired by musical greats straddling an assortment of styles, including Metallica, Coldplay, The Foo Fighters, The Avett Brothers, Gojira, and Radiohead, the Foes’ are compelled to showcase their talents and skills.


Old Foes
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