Patrun BCD – Slow Down FT Meeno Manic x Bemoza x Idemz MM2

Derby, Derbyshire, United KingdomPatrun BCD – SLOW DOWN FT Meeno Manic x Bemoza x IDemz MM2

Patrun BCD ‘Sarkin Hausawan’ UK Eco’s another single collaborating with talented international upcoming artists on his new song  SLOW DOWN. 

A special mix of international languages together with indie artist on a his single from west African countries on his Hausa Afrobeat’s genre of music from his ongoing project ‘Saurarah. ‘I STAND 4D NORTH’.

The dynamic music sensation, joins forces to deliver a sensational new track. This powerful collaboration is poised to take the music scene by storm and leave an indelible mark on the Afrobeat music industry. ‘I STAND 4D NORTH’

  Patrun BCD – SLOW DOWN FT Meeno Manic x Bemoza x IDemz MM2

Patrun Badmos Chief Doctor aka Isa D’Entertainer rages great nations on his quest to create awareness of Hausa Afrobeat’s Genre of Afro-beats music.  His style of Afrobeats music ‘HausAfrobeat’ is a fusion of Hausa language, English, Pigeon English aka Nigerian English, Igbo and Yoruba language to collaborate to work, sing and make music with all other artist from any location and any language all around the world. 

British Nigerian Artist  Patrun BCD’s Slow Down is a international collaboration of  MyCalLs Finest artist ft Meeno Manic a fast raising Nigerian Music Producer.

Well established Cameroun-Nigerian artist Bemoza dropped a verse for the north side. Patrun BCD working together went further to introduce his style of Afrobeats music by introducing a new artist on another verse presenting IDemz MM2. A west African French artist. 

Establishing ’I STAND 4D NORTH’. AYA

Following his successful release after his still trending single ‘Private Number’ and 2nd single ‘My Name’ is still toping and gaining a strong fan base worldwide. Patrun BCD’s latest single ‘Slow Down’ marks the start of an era for this British Nigerian artist, opening listeners up to a more comprehensive taste of Nigeria’s culture and talent.

To the undertrained ear, this Afrobeats song sounds like an easy going track with some richly entrancing vocals, but there’s much more to it than that. 

There is a seamless fusion of styles throughout this track from the chant-style chorus to the soulful melodies and flows from Bemoza, Meeno-Manic and IDemz MM2. Slow down As the 3rd single from Patrun BCD’s upcoming album ‘SAURARAH’, the track leaves us increasingly excited for what else this Nigerian artist has to offer.

Patrun BCD is dedicated to tearing down the divide, to create a space where all African tribes can influence the Afrobeats genre. He has pioneered ‘Hausa Afrobeats’ (a subgenre of Afrobeats) which can be enjoyed on his forthcoming album ‘SAUSARRA’. That’s not where the effort ends however, and Patrun BCD is preparing for the first U.K ‘Hausa Afrobeat’ concert in 2023 for fans to take in this unexplored sound. This artist’s drive for innovation is impressive, and there’s no doubt he has something new to bring to the table, so be sure not to miss him.

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    PATRUN BCD (SARKIN HAUSAWA UK) is a professional Specialist freestyle Comedian, Artist, Presenter, Promoter, and a registered Entertainment Entrepreneur, bloggers promoter & record label CEO MyCalL PRODUCTIONS EVENTS & ENTERTAINMENT WORLDWIDE LTD UK. 
 “Everything Afro” #everythingafro
The track Slowdown is a part of Patrun BCD’s on going project Saurararh, is Creating A genre of complete African music & comedy platform dedicated to provide free mentorship and support to youths to collaborate with one another and to also partner to work with anyone in the UK’s 1st Afro Entertainment community (HAUSA AFROBEATS) interested in taking their first step into Afrobeats music, comedy and the entertainment industry. Searching to Promoting People who may lack access but are blessed with the skills and the knowledge, but lack the opportunities and capital to get started. 
Patrun BCD has sponsored, trained & partnered with many pioneer youths and upcoming artists to work with established industry professionals helping them to develop and further find their  by developing into young Entrepreneurs especially in the afrobeat genre of music. Hausafrobeats music and comedy entertainment.
Patrun BCD is Officially recognised as creator of the HAUSA AFROBEAT GENRE in UK. A sub Genre of Afrobeats music Recently honoured as AYA ‘Sarkin Hausawa’ UK. HAUSAFROBEATS. #hausafrobeats  
Bringing new innovative ideas for the whole world to see and enjoy Hausa language fusion in Afrobeats music. 
Representative of the Northern state of Nigeria. Arewa Youths Ambassador. (AYA) 
Motto: @MyCalL Productions 
       “it’s UR CalL”..
#istand4north #mycall4Dnorth 
Isa D’Entertaimner Badmos Chief is currently the Director of Social media and Communications of Nigerians In Derby Community Foundation. Uk 
A Founder of the organisation. Please checkout his online handles to follow, download, buy and stream your free copy here.


Patrun BCD
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