Paul Mapstone Creates Chills

Paul Mapstone is a music man who doesn’t rely on lyrics, just the mood of the music. “Departing” is an instrumental track that has a good beat thanks to the drums that play the biggest role in the song. “Dance Freak” shows another side of Mapstone, as this song is more industrial feeling and has a scary aspect to it. You’d think that “Dancing Hannison” would be the same way, instead you’re met with this beautiful sounding composition that speak to the classical fans of the world. “Monsters on the Loose” and brings the spook back. What you thought was going to be nurturing, sounded like a haunted walk through the woods. “Deadville” is the same way, only this time the ghosts would be dancing. If you’re looking for music that gives people the chills, check out Paul Mapstone. (