Paul Thomason Rocks the Acoustics

Paul Thomason ReviewPaul Thomason is a rocker with an acoustic guitar never too far from his side. “Break Away” starts out slow but then builds up into an acoustic rock song that fans of bands like 3 Doors Down might be intrigued by. With “Dreams” you get right into things from the start and it has an overall lighter tone than the last one but it still has that rock base. I didn’t know what to expect from a song called “My Jeans are Draggin'” but what I got was or less the same as what Paul Thomason has been delivering with the other tracks. It had a more sing song beat to it though. In between all of the originals listeners can be treated to a good cover of Matisyahu’s “Time of Your Song.” It was a shocker because one would’ve guessed he’d cover Trapt or Breaking Benjamin since that’s where his vocals matched up. Nevertheless, if you’re a fan of rock music but like it stripped down, check out Paul Thomason today. (