Neil Thomas drops Devadatta

Neil Thomas drops Devadatta


Musical energy and the exchange between audience and a song or band can be such a crucial lifeblood for a composer gathered in the name of fulfilling exhilarating music for music fans. Some of this applies to Trippy Alternative Folk based music and Alternative Rock of the 90’s. It may not be for everyone but no one can deny it has a very dedicated cult following. It’s almost comparable to an intellectual monster unleashed for the sole reason to get your ass thinking.

UK based Neil Thomas seems to have a firm hold on energy with their melting pot of even keeled Rock sounds and a unmistakable vibe that will warp many into musical submission without even trying. Devadatta is an epic explosion deriving all your Past Psychedelic thoughts and fears into a musical landscape tinged with Punk. We start off with the intro banger “Adrenalinized” where your mind and body will ignite and have no choice but to get into this music. We then move into the brilliant melodic bliss of breaks with “Time Bomb”. In his own words: Do not be fooled by the number of tracks either. Both ‘The Dragon King’s Daughter’ and ‘Moral Compass’ are both over 10 minutes long – broken down into suites, they give the impression that you are actually listening to ten or twelve songs, rather than eight. Over the span of his musical career, he has created five albums thus far of which he wrote all the music, while also being responsible for the production and arrangements. His approach as a singer songwriter conveys a range of tones, from melancholic solo pieces to feisty and danceable folk songs that possess an un-deniable Euro Rock sound. As a result his music transcends cultural boundaries stylistically as evoked in his lyrics ability to portray universal life experiences. It’s clear that time has not slowed the progress of this amazing style of music in the least. Known for their super exciting and live energy infused sound this is one artist on a mission to prove good music is still alive.

I feel this music Alternative Pop with hints of Punk, Folk and Rock. I can’t claim to be an expert on this unique hybrid style of music or even pretend to known comparables to artists like U2, Echo and the Bunnyman, Wilco, Pearl Jam and even Smashing Pumpkins. I must admit my only real exposure to this style was just recently during a recent road trip courtesy SIRIUS XM Radio. I get the impression this style of music was so popular for 2 reasons. 1: it’s extremely stimulating to the senses, and 2: the music will cause you to think/groove thus creating an almost euphoric effect when dancing – especially if you are slightly inebriated.  Rock music in general did the same things many years ago so perhaps this heightened sound stimulation is at the core of it all. Track 2 “time Bomb” keeps it honest and I can really relate to this track as it delivers Rock exuberance and mind numbing lyrical content. Yep this CD has it all with just 8 tracks in all but refer to the above quote by Thomas because he’s right on the money. Thius is a juicy 8 track ride. Track 3 and 4 “The Unlikelihood of Intimacy” and “The Dragon King’s Daughter” are strong pieces and “moral Compass” is a strong closer.

Whether you’re a fan of this style of music popular in the 90’s or not, Neil Thomas shakes the tree with this CD entitled “Devadatta” These 8 tracks have a little something for everyone, and is well worth the listen. At the least it will be sure to remind you why this style of music was so popular – and it’s making a comeback. Don’t fear the intellectual folk-rock monster folks. He’s here to tell us the truth and make it better because were are not lying to ourselves.  Just let the spirit move you and you will come to appreciate what this style of music is really all about.

Adrenalinized video:!/stixstothard/c9g6

Allison Leigh, Approved by Cyrus Rhodes