Poetic and Stirring Grunge-Folk and Acoustic – Andrew Neil Amazes with Incredible New Album ‘Alien’

An authentic new record, ‘Alien,’ puts on display the Outsider Artist’s multi-genre range and soulful songwriting

Charlottesville, Virginia — September 15th, 2022 – Released under the label of Tree Heart Records, LLC, ‘Alien’ is a powerful, original new release by outsider artist Andrew Neil. The talented singer-songwriter is known for his Lo-Fi, Grunge-Folk blends which are underscored by a distinct and enigmatic appeal.

Neil’s newest record, “Alien,” is an amalgamation of rich melodies and poetic lyricism. Comparable to the likes of Daniel Johnston, Andrew Neil elucidates critical issues through his songwriting, confronting themes of mental illness, suicide prevention, loneliness, and isolation. Playing an iconic Ovation Adamas nylon string guitar, his songwriting reflects his own awe-inspiring story of recovery from both mental illness and cancer. In addition to streaming media, The artist is also doing a limited-run vinyl release and CDs.  The Vinyl will be available in early 2023.

“Alien” features tracks independently written and performed by Andrew Neil and produced and engineered by noted music producer Andy Waldeck. The album was mastered by Steve Corrao of Sage Audio in Nashville, Tennessee. The stunning cover-art was painted by Bostonian artist Daniel Benayun, who has been compared to legendary pop-artists Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol.

A layered and authentic blend, all tracks in “Alien” are bound to make audiences feel as if they are in the artist’s presence. Through his raw and intimate delivery, Andrew Neil highlight’s relatable themes of love, loneliness, and forgiveness.

A very unique songwriter and self-taught musician, Andrew is listed on the coveted “Rankers Best Outsider Music Artists” list, among legends such as Daniel Johnston, Syd Barrett, Frank Zappa, Brian Wilson, Tiny Tim, and others. The talented artist rose to fame with his 2017 album ‘Code Purple- which remains the only full-length Album ever written and recorded in a State Psychiatric Hospital.

Andrew was hospitalized for three years between 2014-2017, and “Alien” is his fourth studio album since the release of Code Purple in 2017.  This album marks a continued determination of his efforts to get his story out there and help folks realize they are not alone.

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Andrew Neil Maternick is a phenomenal, awe-inspiring name in the music world. Following a car accident and a traumatic head injury, Andrew struggled with severe mental health issues, including bipolar disorder and numerous psychotic episodes. Living as a recluse in his parent’s basement, Andrew began to write songs out of nowhere, first on the keyboard and then on the guitar. An independent, self-taught “Outsider music artist,” Andrew has penned over 400 songs ever since.

In 2014, Andrew was hospitalized due to a psychotic episode and remained in a state hospital for three years. Using just a guitar and a small battery-powered recorder, he wrote and recorded scores of songs. Upon his conditional release from Western State Hospital, Staunton, Virginia, in May 2017, Andrew released his album “Code Purple.” This album is a selection of 11 songs he had written and recorded as a patient. The album is unique in that it is the only full-length album fully written and recorded by a patient in a State Psychiatric Hospital.

In 2018, Andrew released his first studio album “Merry Go Round.” In the summer of 2019, while recording his 2nd studio Album, “Freak,” Andrew was diagnosed with Lymphoma Cancer and finished recording the Album between chemotherapy. This album was submitted for Grammy Consideration for the 64th annual Grammy Awards. In June 2021, he released his 3rd studio Album, “Sunny Side”.  The follow-on the Sunny Side was the just released album “Alien“.

A very prolific songwriter, Andrew Neil plans to release two albums in 2023.  One will be similar to Sunny Side and Alien, featuring Andrew Neil and his nylon string guitar.  The second album on the drawing board for 2023 is an Alt-Country themed album titled “In the Country with Andrew Neil”.

Andrew Neil remains a strong advocate for mental health issues. He hopes to speak to various groups about mental health issues and share his story and give hope to others who similarly struggle.


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