Pop Artist Ready To Make A Big Splash: Nick, I AM Is Driven To Shake Up The Pop Industry

With her infectious pop rhymes and melodies meant to be played on repeat, Nick, I AM’s music hosts a hidden factor up its sleeves- her ability to connect

Los Angeles, California – December 8th, 2021 – Nick, I AM is a pop artist bringing some much needed introspection into the world of pop, but that is not for a lack of irresistible energy. An androgynous woman, she hopes to bring her experiences and perspectives to the world of pop, without sacrificing any of the energy or the fidelity of the infectious music that can be found within the genres of pop.

Tackling a number of complex subjects such as identity, belonging, love and happiness with a fearless spirit, Nick, I AM is out to create music that are not only worth repeat listens in the playlists of her listeners, but tracks that also ask deeper questions from her listeners and allow for them introspect as well. Her new album ‘JUMP‘ is the culmination of all this work.

Nick, I AM’s venture has been long coming, as she is eager to share her experiences with her fans in a way that allies for them to relate with her, and as she hopes to find a little of themselves within the music that she produces. Nick, I AM channels her feelings, and emotions out to her listeners, and invites them to feel as she has, being one with her.

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Born in Los Angeles, Nick, I AM was drawn to music ever since she was a child. R&B and rap music allowed for her to not only listen to new stories and experiences, but allowed for her to broaden horizons as the music proved to be a tool of learning for her. With her move to Virginia Beach, Nick, I AM discovered her prowess in singing as she began to perform.

2020 would see the release of Nick, I AM’s first single in ‘SHE BAD’, which would lay down her penchant for infectious pop melodies, and hypnotic rhythms which would over time come to define her style. Going forwards, the artist continued innovating, adapting her sound with every subsequent track. Her newest work is her upcoming debut album ‘JUMP’.


Nick, I AM
Name: Nick, I AM
Email: [email protected]


Instagram: http://www.Instagram.com/nick_iamhuman
YouTube: https://youtube.com/channel/UC-ugWKXKI7WoPETr5g8Iw-w
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2ZqK7tFGEoAgR5HHT6epR0?si=ElloRj5MS-mjbWBcBYy_pQ


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