Pop Stunna Showcases Artistic Growth With New EP

‘Imperfect Lover’ Out February 14, 2020


Austin, Texas – February 12, 2020 – Pop Stunna is a hip hop artist on the rise who isn’t afraid to switch things up with each new release. His last album, ‘Pop Stunna’ focused on the braggadocio lifestyle of a young man trying to find himself, while his 2020 EP release, ‘Imperfect Lover,’ shines a light on a man trying to commit to love in a world riddled with distractions.

‘Imperfect Lover’ is the latest EP release from this Austin-based artist. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, ‘Imperfect Lover’ doesn’t stray away from the personal letdowns one has when attempting to find and keep love in their life. From tracks like “Supernova” that put a player trying to change his ways at the center of the story to “Sad,” which features a soulful singer in the choruses, each track gives listeners something unique while all remaining very on theme.

Finding a healthy balance between hip hop and R&B, ‘Imperfect Lover’ is an endearing message for fans of the genre as it’s not a topic typically heard throughout a whole record. It showcases not only a standout performance within the hip hop community but a personal one for Pop Stunna who grew immensely during the writing and recording process of his 2020 release.

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Pop Stunna is proud to showcase a different side of not only himself but his artistry with his new EP, ‘Imperfect Lover.’

Pop Stunna
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