Pop that Jazz with Steve Henrichs

Steve Henrichs ReviewSteve Henrichs’ music is an escape brought on by fusions of pop and jazz. “Dawn” sounds like the beginning of not only a new day, but a good one. It brings the idea of a promising beginning to the table. For someone who has lived in Southern California their whole life, rain isn’t a positive thing but with Steve Henrichs it sounds like it is because his track “Rain” has this very light feel to it. With “You” you take things down a bit and you get a beautiful angelic voice that’s not Steve’s but a friend lending her pipes. One of the best from this batch is “Tenderly” because it’s rightfully titled. Every note, every mark is just as tender as the last. Pulling it all together at the end is the elegantly done “For All We Know.” It sounds like a fancy affair is happening and you can see the classy dances being done on a ballroom floor. If you’re a fan of jazz and love for it to tell stories and evoke feelings, then you have to check out Steve Henrichs and his pals now. (https://www.stevehenrichs.com/)