Dale Irvin Thompson Gets Funky

Dale Irvin Thompson ReviewDale Irvin Thompson is a Gospel artist from Los Angeles who has some tricks up his sleeve. “Happy” has this midtempo beat and kind of reminds me of someone who might be on tour with someone that falls between Bad Rabbits and Jason Mraz. Dale brings a song that has this laid back vibe but breaks it down and gets funky with it too. With “Free From You” you get the drama. The intro sounds like something you’d hear at Medieval Times before the games begin. Then that funky soul comes through and the drama is gone. Lastly, we end on a soft note and “The Music of Your Name.” It’s unlike the other two and has a very light feel to it and sounds like the heartfelt one of the bunch. It’s a bit sentimental but the chorus picks up the energy for sure. If you’re into R&B that’s got a funky step to it, check out Dale Irvin Thompson. (https://www.reverbnation.com/dithompson)