Mike Appel Flys High

mike appel reviewMike Appel is a music man who has done the band thing for years but is currently flying solo and bringing you an array of sounds. “A Woman After Me Own Heart” kicks off and invites you into a love song that has a Country backbone. It’s got a cute element to it and you can’t help but be taken aback by the sweet words coming from it. Anyone who has ever been to Arizona knows that there is a specific sound when it comes to that place. Appel doesn’t have that Country feel in this one, it’s more soft rock as he gives Arizona a new theme song. Then he gets a little more closer to actual rock with “Close Enough For Rock-N-Roll.” It wasn’t exactly Ozzy rock, but more a ’70s feel. We head back to that Country vibe with “Hank’s Last Shot.” It’s a story of a man and has that aroma to it. Sticking with that storytelling way we head into “Jimbo’s Dream.” What can be said about Mike Appel is that he’s not a one trick pony. He can go from being a simple Country man to a guy who can rock it a bit. If you like to straddle that line when it comes to music, then Mike Appel is the man you need to catch a tune or two from. (https://www.mikeappel.com/index.html)