Monique Angele


TORONTO) Local vocalist releases her latest self-titled EP in 2014.

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From the first notes of the single “Poisonous Touch” through to the final winding twists and turns of “Touch as a Sign” this release is a taste of the old with a breath of fresh air. This is real and genuine Contemporary Pop Rock or Light Classical Rock expressionism before everything started sound super sonic. All tracks are powerful, melodic and infectious, which doesn’t even begin to describe the inducing vocal presence of Angele.


In contrast Monique Angele delivers an incredibly balanced blend of Contemporary Pop, with belief elements of Celtic Pop, Light Rock and even a dash of Goth. On this 6 song EP Angele delivers 6 intriguing musical stepping stones that gleefully showcase world class musicianship and passionate vocals with no illusions, or farces. In my mind she is a musical triple threat. She’s got a good look, she can play Piano, write music and she’s a great singer. Like I had mentioned its impressive how well Angele has combined traditional Contemporary Pop with more modern alt-rock balladry. Her vocals at times shift from Classical to even soulful. This reminds me of Adele, Lily Allen, Jessie J. and Kate Bush to Kells. I can even hear Beth Orton, Charlotte Martin, Sarah Slean and PJ Harvey.

Angele is a captivating composer and singer within her own right. Some songs seem painfully simple yet not to be underestimated “Eyes” while others are know a sure direction delivering the A-Typical Sonic-Rock flair “Pity” and “Touch as a Sign”. However some pieces dig a bit deeper are even dark and boldly honest: Case in point listen to her words on Track 1 “Poisonous Touch”.

I do however wish there was more instrumentation throughout the EP. Things like Harp, Violin, Percussion, Orchestral touches, Eloquent String Section, Keyboards would add more verity to this rather spare catalogue.

The “Monique Angele” EP is one of the boldest pop-rock releases I’ve heard this year – but may not be for everyone. Despite this not so corporate approach she will appeal to old school pop-alt-rock fans mostly. Some Classical and Celtic fans will adore her as well. It also needs to be said she is also quite beautiful. Although I doubt the Brittany Spears or Maroon 5 fans will flock to her shows, but who cares! a million of so disgruntled “vintage pop” fans will. Need I say more?

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by Lexi Weiss, Edited by Cyrus Rhodes