Praise the Gospel with East Side Jakes

east side jakes reviewEast Side Jakes believe in a higher purpose and it shows most of the time, but what shines brighter is their immense talent. “Send Me Your Love” is a marathon of a song that showcases very well performed, soulful vocals. With “Choices” you get that same idea but a life lesson with some hip hop tossed in the mix. Then things slow down with “All Nations” as a piano welcomes you to a mid-tempo beat. The pace picks up but remains elegant while doing so. As far as the vocals are concerned, you can’t touch the soul coming from them. Things go into Gospel “ESJ Jingle.” Overall I didn’t really get the sense that East Side Jakes was a Gospel outlet until I really got into the thick of things and then heard “Trust In God.” That one makes their belief pretty apparent and obvious. What is best about this music is that it can cross lines and just be an uplifting experience for everyone, no matter what they believe. If you like Gospel or just like soul music, check out East Side Jakes today. (