Producer Neal James and Singer/songwriter Bill Hicks drop a new blues single and video of the song “I’m Watchin’ You”.

“I’m Watchin’ You” is the third single from stunning collaborative duo- Neal James and Bill Hicks and presents listeners a soulful and uplifting fusion of tunes

Nashville, Tennessee — The Blues are ordinarily associated with soft, soothing, and mellow rhythms, as well as a powerful and appealing instrumentation. But nothing about Neal James Productions is ordinary, and so their new drop elevates the Blues in its own distinguished manner. Enchanting audiences with a distinctive and striking blend of Americana and Blues, singer-songwriter Bill Hicks and Producer Neal James are carving their own impactful identity.

Coupled with a riveting music video which truly encompasses the theme of the track and the artist’s penmanship, “I’m Watchin’ You” is Neal James and Bill Hicks best drop yet. The full length, all-original CD album was recorded in Nashville, Tennesse, using only the finest and most credible Blues and Rock musicians. The music video for “I’m Watchin’ You” was filmed on location in the states of Indiana and Kentucky using one of the South’s most seasoned videographers and seamlessly encapsulates the true character of the song.

Recording Artist Bill Hicks and Producer Neal James together present an amazing musical partnership, and their newest drop presents just a short glimpse of what to expect from the full length, CD album, ‘Fall in Love with Me.’ Adding to a string of hit videos and single song releases, ‘I’m Watchin’ You’ follows the success of previous records, “Never Again” and “Do You Remember,” and presents listeners a compelling and riveting experience.

Neal James Productions have also dropped hard copies of the full-length CD album, “Fall in Love with Me” which are available at The CD album and singles are also available at most major music downloading sites. The music video for the duo’s powerful collaborative single is also available to view on countless streaming platforms including YouTube.

Stream Bill Hicks and Neal James’s new music video for “I’m Watchin’ You” on the artist’s official YouTube channel and make sure to download the artist’s song and/or CD album. Feel free to reach out to Neal James Productions for interviews, bookings, engagements, and/or collaboration opportunities with the stellar duo.



Neal James is a well known music producer and songwriter and is known for his work with several major contemporary singer-songwriters. James has been a successful music producer for 30 years and has had experience working with many of the legends of Blues and Rock in a number of divergent music genres.

Bill Hicks is a prolific songwriter and an accomplished vocalist and musician. Hicks has been writing songs for 30 years, focusing mainly on the Blues style, and drawing upon influences from the iconic works of Ricky Nelson. Having collaborated on a number of records under the imprint- “Neal James Productions”, the two industry professionals continue to beguile all with their dynamic working partnership.


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