Profound, Relatable, & Meaningful Musical Compositions – Hip Hop’s Next Biggest Artist Prodigy Tyb All Set to Inspire

Enthusing audiences to internalize critical messages about life, feelings, and emotions, Prodigy Tyb’s Hip Hop music is set apart by its own uniqueness

Irvine, California — September 7th, 2022 – Reinventing Hip Hop with his unparalleled musical dexterity, Prodigy Tyb hopes to magnetize audiences with his appealing and moving tracks. The artist’s most recent offering, ‘1010,’ the EP, which he released on November 10th, 2021, continues to rake in positive reviews and has already crossed over 21 419 streams, highlighting that Prodigy Tyb surely has great heights to reach.

What sets the eclectic artist apart from his contemporaries in the Hip Hop, R&B, and Rap world is simply his effortless ability to incorporate themes of depth and meaning into his craft. Set against catchy, intoxicating rhythms and a seamless flow, Prodigy Tyb’s music delivers hard-hitting, real, and honest verses.

Touching upon an entire range of emotions, dreams, feelings, and issues he has experienced within his music, Prodigy Tyb’s original content exudes an enriching, intimate aspect. With tracks such as “Death Note,” “HBK,” “TSA,” “Demon in Disguise,” “Bag Today,” and others, Prodigy Tyb delivers powerful Hip Hop music which underlines rich and inspirational stories.

“1010” continues to resonate with audiences, underscoring the crucial message that it is okay to feel whatever you are feeling and undergoing if you continue moving forward. The soulful new EP was borne out of Prodigy Tyb’s hopes of spreading positivity and motivating listeners with his brand of music. Ushering renewed hope, light, and energy, the artist galvanizes audiences to fight against insurmountable odds.

“I released the ‘1010’ EP in November… it is about knowing that you are struggling in life but not being down on yourself about it, keeping your head up and striving for your goal and I want that message spread throughout the world,” says the artist regarding his music.

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Prodigy Tyb is a seasoned hip hop artist who is based out of Bronx, New York. With relatable, moving, and personal storytelling, Prodigy Tyb puts within his music ‘every experience, every emotion, every dream, and every nightmare’ he has ever experienced.

He takes great pride in his music and his image of being authentic and original to create a loyal fan base around himself. The artist released his first EP on November 10, 2021, titled “1010,” on all his official music platforms and has already garnered over 21,419 streams. Prodigy Tyb remains confident that he could be a huge artist in the industry and just needs to be heard.



Prodigy Tyb
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