Progressive Rock, Hard Rock. Far From Your Sun Is Here to Bring the Best of The Rock Music in The Industry for Rock Music Fans.

Far From Your Sun is a new band that is keen on bringing the best of rock music to its fans all around the world. The band is keen to break into the music industry and being the best of current rock music to rock music lovers all across the globe.

Paris, lle de France – June 7, 2021 – Far From Your Sun (FFYS) is a project aiming to showcase current rock music compositions by bringing together the work of talented artists coming from various backgrounds such as photography, painting and writing.

Borrowing from romanticism and poetry, which can be sometimes dark or troubling, each piece is the illustration of an experience, a moment in time, where both humans and nature are the main protagonists.

Far From Your Sun means that we can live fulfilled and happy in the shadow of the artificial lights, far from the fads, far from a flattering, but often elusive, misleading sun. This is the big influence behind the work of these musicians who want their project to be an inspiration for all of their fans.

Far From Your Sun released their first album “In the beginning… was the emotion” in 2016. Due to extra-musical factors, they did not have the opportunity to present the sequel to this album. But this time around they have decided to work on their musical journey and make rock music for music lovers. Far From Your Sun are happy to announce that they are currently working on their next album, which is called “The Origin of Suffering” and the album should be released during late 2021. Some demo tracks of their album are already available on their Soundcloud page. This second album will cover a very wide range of music, from rock songs to more ambient acoustics as well as tracks featuring classical orchestral instruments.

Far From You Sun is open to collaborations and very responsive on their social media. Follow the band on their social media handles to stay updated with new releases and much more.




Far From Your Sun are a hundred percent studio-based and anonymous project, meaning that they do not reveal the identities of the musicians who compose for them (no photos, no names…). The goal is to put music, and only music, first. The musicians are there to make music for the project and have no intentions to be renowned for their work or to be famous.



Name: Far From Your Sun
Email: [email protected]