Rachel London – “Runnin’” single review

Rachel London – “Runnin’” single review

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The bright flourish opening Rachel London’s “Runnin’” heralds a sweeping, swirling dance confection guaranteed to rouse the spirit and move the feet. Miami based London’s new single benefits from Mike Gonsolin’s impressive production that achieves an appealing density of sound while still clearly delineating each element in the mix. The atmosphere does a lot to approximate a strongly complementary lyric about desire. The hard-hitting bottom end gives shape to the track and a steady foundation for London’s vocal. Her singing talents are unquestionable. London’s percussive phrasing and sharp emotive edge help accentuate her power and the production smartly keys in on her as the song’s heart and soul. Gonsolin’s choices as producer are, in part, responsible for the success of this song, but London has to be present and accounted for to pull things off. She does so in a memorably and spectacularly theatrical manner.

It’s likewise impressive how London is able to subsume influences like Pink and, particularly, Katy Perry into the fabric of her music without ever seeming like an imitator. Instead, she transforms and shapes those influences into something indelibly her own. “Runnin’” is high caliber dance pop that shows how well London has absorbed the lessons of successful collaborations with top-line producers like Gonsolin and Mark Hudson, but most importantly, it shows an artist charging full-on towards the peak of her considerable skills. London has produced an exultant, wildly entertaining track bubbling over with experience, intimacy, and the urgency of youth.

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Jared Keener