Midev’s Big Apple Pop

Midev ReviewNew York is full of life. One of the many reasons it’s the city that never sleeps. One guy that can attest to that is pop artist Midev. His latest single “How Do You Love Me” is unlike most we’ve heard in the past. It takes the blame for being a jerk in a relationship. 99% of people in this world would not take the blame when things go bad, but that’s where Midev differs. This song is an upbeat pop song about a guy who has wronged a girl, and he’s left wondering what the title implies. It has a great modern feel to it. In “Where’s Everybody At” he slows things down a bit. The track starts out slow but quickly builds up. However, it is more on the calm side than the other. However, this one has more of a universal feeling. If you’re a fan of Bruno Mars and Jason Derulo should check Midev out today. (https://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/Midev1)