Samie Bisaso Loves It All

Samie Bisaso Loves It AllSamie Bisaso loves love and also the Lord, and showcases that in his music well. When “Lost Without You” you kind of think it’s either Akon or a Maroon 5 song, and then the song really kicks in and you’re met with a voice that would never be heard coming from Akon or Adam Levine’s vocal chords. Samie Bisaso’s voice is more traditionally good. “Walk in Love” is a song about faith and a beautiful one at that. “The One for Me” is about that search for love and it finally coming to an end. This song would be perfect for a couple’s first dance at their wedding. It’s touching and sweet and would be good for cutting a rug to. “I Give My All” is another love song, but this one’s not a fit for the wedding party like that last one, but “This Is My Vow” is; an island wedding. The beat is more upbeat and fun; fitting for fun and love in the sun. Samie Bisaso’s music is a mix of beautiful love songs and tracks dedicated to the man upstairs. If you’re into either, check out Samie Bisaso. (