Troy Anthony Sings Everything With Praise

Troy Anthony Sings Everything With PraiseTroy Anthony is an artist whose beliefs is there, but doesn’t stick to one genre and can showcase his skills singing just about anything. “Had a Bad Break” is a well sung AC song that keeps up a good pace and allows for the listener to really learn the words easily to be able to sing along to.”He’s Not Through” picks things up slightly with a mid-tempo R&B twist. Amy Davis jumps in on “Everything” and this one really could be the stand out for the overall package. It’s crazy when one person can sing any genre because so far we’ve had AC and R&B and with this one, it’s a bit Country. It’s got the hearty masculinity from Troy that will remind listeners of what Country music is built on. “For You Are Worthy” is a clear cut Christian song that talks about praise and could be found on any radio station that serves the Lord. Once again, another genre that Troy Anthony conquers with ease. If you’re into artists who can sing anything, but have a strong base in their faith — check out Troy Anthony. (