R&B Singer Sargent Tucker Comes Up with A New Single Through Which He Is All Set to Bring Positivity and Change in The World.

According to Sargent, we should value the life we have been provided with and we should never take it for granted. He explains how waking up everyday and having the opportunity to live is a blessing in itself.

Las Vegas, Nevada – June 11, 2021 – Sargent Tucker grew up learning and playing all styles of music; Jazz, Rock, Blues, and Funk, however, his chosen forte is R&B. His motivation is not rooted in getting over or just making money, it is all about getting better at his craft. Sargent believes that talent alone is not enough; A great work ethic and persistence is necessary to enhance the full potential of a musician. He believes that music is his life, and his goals will only be realized through hard work, and determination. Sargent’s first goal is to keep perusing every aspect of his music to get better and to continue releasing quality material. Therefore, Sargent believes that he must diligently work hard on his music in order to expand his fan base and brand.

Sargent’s new single titled, “It’s All Good”, official release date is Friday, June 18, 2021.  This single was produced by Grammy Nominated Producer Levi Seacer, former Music Director for the late, PRINCE. When listeners hear “It’s All Good”; here is what has been said, “it’s about time for something positive”, other noted comments: “it has a nice beat, it really grooves, good lyrics, it makes me feel good.” What makes Sargent Tucker’s musical approach unique to the industry, is that he only competes with himself.  He does this by primarily focusing on his music and progress, and he sticks to what he does best. He is not keen on the latest music trends; hence, he knows his limitations, strengths, and tries to do the best he can for his fans and listeners.

Sargent Tucker’s future goals involve visualizing a post COVID period, where he can return to performing live, touring, and releasing another Full-Length Album. To keep track of his music, visit his website at sargenttucker.com. Sargent is open to collaborations and easily can be reached through his Personal Manager.


Sargent Tucker (ST), also known as Johnnie, is a New Orleans-born, multi-talented artist. He has established himself as a stellar singer, songwriter, producer, and bass player, yet he hopes to improve his craft even further. Sargent’s persistence and determination have all paid off in the end for both him and Producer Levi Seacer, all of their releases have reached the UK’s TOP #10. His most recent single “Let’s Get Away” climbed to (#8) on the UK Charts, while his earlier released (EP) “You Can’t Text Love Away” remained in the UK Charts TOP #10 for several months



Name: Willie James (Personal Manager)
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