Randall Gartman: Jesus

Randall Gartman ReviewRandall Gartman’s “Jesus” album is country goodness! “Southern Man’s Way” gets right to the point and doesn’t dance around why we turned this record on – to hear some good tunes. He tells a tale of how he came to be and it’s simple and universal to most. The title track is a great song about the lord. It’s light and doesn’t weigh down too heavy on this or that. It’s just a sweet sentiment for the man upstairs. With “Alligator Crawl” he gets back into the swing of things like when we started. This one has more of a backyard party feel. It’s a great song that has a lot of push to it. If you’re a fan of country music that’s full of belief, check out not only Randall Gartman’s “Jesus” out now, but also his show if you’re in the Texas area on December 18 at The Cowboy Club. (https://randallgartman.com/)