Get Enchanted with Mostafa Zaghloul

With a name like Mostafa Zaghloul, it’s hard to really see what his sound would be like. It could be a psychedelic trip for all I know. With one song, I knew it looks were deceiving. “Cease Fire” was nothing short of beautiful. Enchanting plucks of the strings intertwined with sounds of nature. It sounded like it could’ve been an instrumental on an Incubus. With “Thaumatrope” we take a bit of a turn as things get a little eerie, but still remain like a dreamscape. We pick things up as “Anyway The Wind Blows” comes into play. The beat here is a little more modern and metropolitan. You could hear this in Manhattan as a CEO closes a deal. We head from an upscale bar in New York to a funky club with “The Doors Of Perception. What I like and appreciate about Mostafa Zaghloul is that he never plays the same thing twice. This is an artist that captures an array of essences that span the spectrum. Check out the many ways of Mostafa Zaghloul today! (