Re-discovering the Importance of Optimism, Truth, and Logic with Pop and World Music: Kevin Michael McDaniel Unveils Inspiring New Album

With the release of his refreshing new album, Kevin Michael McDaniel is ready to soar to new heights, establishing his position as the new face of Pop and World music.

Honolulu, Hawaii  – June 25th, 2021 – Something amazing is happening! A rising force in the genre of Pop music, Kevin Michael McDaniel is all set to take the music industry for what it’s worth. With a breakthrough album titled ‘You’re a Superstar,’ the growing artist is solidifying his position as a stunning icon in the genres of Pop and World Music. Enthusiastic to share his optimism, truth, and logic with his listeners, Kevin Michael McDaniel is a true powerhouse of finesse and musical talents.

With his moving new album, ‘You’re a Superstar’, Kevin Michael McDaniel invites his listeners to change. Change their values in order to change their realities. Change their realities in order to change their behaviors. Change their behaviors in order to change their bodies and their habitats for the better. With rich, dynamic beats and inspiring lyrics, this album encourages generosity and unwavering optimism in all aspects of life.

McDaniel says. “Have the highest esteem of your world. Have the highest esteem of yourselves. Change your expectations and change your world. Value optimism and value truth.”

With the release of his much-awaited new album titled ‘You’re a Superstar,’ the eclectic artist highlights a wide range of vocal prowess and musical talents.  Through unique beats, melodic flows and moving lyrics, his music helps open one’s eyes to the realities of the world. With this new album, listeners can look forward to being reminded in an admirable way.  Joy, faith and love balance sorrow, fear and anger. We play an undeniable role in achieving and maintaining this emotional balance through our values, our realities, and our behaviors.

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Kevin Michael McDaniel is an American recording artist and owner of Mogofalo Records. Kevin values truths. Kevin values the most optimistic myths. Kevin uses his values to fashion reality within his mind. Kevin makes rich and soul-stirring musical compositions in the musical genres of Pop and World music. Through his music, Kevin shares his reality with us.  He invites us to join him in having the highest esteem of self and the highest esteem of the world, and thereby; acknowledge our supreme state of being.

Kevin Michael McDaniel seeks opportunities to be generous with his time and energy.  Kevin uses his platform to add value to his fans. Most importantly, Kevin Michael McDaniel makes friends with people of a diversity of backgrounds, as he expands his fan base with each stellar release. With his music, he celebrates us with a love of self and world. The love of self and world is taken to its’ highest esteem. His music provides listeners with a friend who loves, supports and comforts them through all their good and bad experiences and encourages change within themselves for the better of themselves and the world around them.



Name: Kevin Michael McDaniel
Email: [email protected]