Real Royalty Ent.. Kierre Smith Will Release New Single “Moon Watch”April 22nd From Ep “Jus Let Me Rap 3”

Lawrenceburg, Kentucky —  April 16, 2022: Visionary Leader, Determined, Author and Popular Song Writer, Kierre Smith, To Release Single: Moon Watch On Real Royalty Ent April 22, 2022.

Moon Watch Is A Single From The Latest Ep “Jus Let Me Rap”, That Displays More Melodic, Charismatic, And Wity Energy. The Ep Is A 5 Track Project With Moon Watch Being The Only Song To Purchase In Order To Get the Full Ep.

The Single Screams Hunger And Passion With Lines Like “Might Spend It All Again, On Me And Myself I Play My Hand How It’s Dealt, For Me, I’m All In”. Guarantee To Boost Your Energy With Lines Like “9 45 23, You Know I Ball Like Jordan, Jump Out The P 56 AP I’m Too Important”.

Moon Watch Is Another Smooth Blend Of Ambition And Will. When Talent Meets Passion, It Becomes The Gift. Kierre Smith Continues To Deliver The Same Message For The People Who’s Forgotten. The Message Is Simple. Listen.

It will Be Released On All Streaming Services on April 22, 2022.

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No rapper of the 2010s could compare to Kierre in terms of will determination and passion. Beginning with “Struggle For Success pt1”, The standard was set, it is to ride or get eaten. To Kierre’s appeal is in his Wity, the subtle interweaving of old fashioned soul, confessional songwriting and rap delivery.. melodic sounds tied together to form the perfect sermon.


Kierre Smith
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