Releasing a Brand New Composition for the Spirit of Christmas: Introducing Alvin Alexander and Vanessa De Ferrari

Blending Pop with various other styles of music and composing compelling compositions, emerging artists Alvin Alexander and Vanessa De Ferrari are back with a brand new single

New York, NY 10001 —January 8th, 2022 – Up-and-coming artists Alvin Alexander and Vanessa De Ferrari are two of the most talented musicians in the musical world. With incredible expertise in the genre of Pop and outstanding skills in terms of contemporary music, the artists are considered well-equipped when it comes to the art of composing unique tunes frequently.  Alvin Alexander and Vanessa De Ferrari have recently released a brand new single titled “It’s My Kind Of Christmas” at the end of last year.

With the release of the song on December 10th, 2021, the artists are looking forward to getting their sound out there to attract people from all around the world towards their music.  As evident by the title of the song, “It’s My Kind Of Christmas”  released when Christmas was just around the corner in order to celebrate the spirit of Christmas and provide people with a fresh & new Christmas song, something worthwhile during that time of the year.  Alvin Alexander and Vanessa De Ferrari wanted people celebrating Christmas all around the world to have the time of their lives and celebrate holidays with high spirits and joy with their loved ones. Hence, the artists worked in collaboration to make a recording of this Christmas song that would elevate the moods of the people present in any room the song gets played in. Possessing elements of Classical, Pop, and Jazz music combined together with beautiful strings, “It’s My Kind Of Christmas” is a song that is bound to become a Christmas time classic.  This Pop tune blended in with sweet-sounding harmonies and soothing vocals, both of the artists have proven themselves as some of the most talented and capable musicians of the time.

Currently available on most major music streaming/downloading platforms across the world, “It’s My Kind Of Christmas” is written by Alvin Alexander.  Apart from penning down the beautiful lyrics for the song, Alvin has also worked on the composition, orchestration and production of the tune, whereas Vanessa De Ferrari worked on the vocals.  Besides the digital version, a video was released on YouTube for the single. Uploaded to Alvin Alexander’s official YouTube channel on December 24th, 2021.  The video features both of the artists performing the song together live. Vanessa and Alvin have plans to release multiple tracks during 2022 that’ll encompass Brazilian Samba Music Jazz and a bit of Classical, for a fresh  & enjoyable music experience.

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Vanessa De Ferrari is a native New Yorker of Bolivian and Brazilian extraction who grew up in New York City. She has been musical since early childhood. She has performed in a variety of local New York venues singing everything from rock to pop to jazz.

Alvin Alexander resides in the New York City and has been involved in music since elementary school. As a creative, Alvin could create songs and melodies before he learned how to read music.


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