Releasing a Brand New Single Titled “Try This”: This is TomCattt

Working day and night and creating unparalleled tunes for music lovers around the world, emerging artist TomCattt is about to bring a wave of change in the scene of music, especially in the Pop culture

Toronto, Ontario, Canada – August 11th, 2021 – Up-and-coming artist Thomas Patton AKA “TomCattt” is proving to be a breath of fresh air in music. Possessing incredible expertise in the genre of Pop, the artist is well experienced when it comes to writing catchy tunes. His brand new single titled “Try This” is all set to release on August 11th, 2021. With the release of the song, TomCattt is hoping for his sound to reach places and latch onto the hearts of music lovers worldwide.

Along with the artist himself, a number of talented musicians and people have worked on the single to make it a hit of the time. The song is composed by Thomas Patton, while Peter Natale worked on the process of mixing and mastering. The lead vocals, harmonizing vocals and piano are done by Thomas Patton.  Dan Strudwick played the electric guitar throughout, while Peter Natale played the keyboard, synth, drums, bass and the percussions. With the combined efforts of such talented and experienced artists, “Try This” is bound to be a Pop hit.  The single is a part of TomCattt’s new album titled “Cattt Man Do” which is currently a work in progress. Apart from the brand new single, the artist has also released a bunch of outstanding singles over the years.   Since June 2013, TomCattt has released 13 songs with his debut album titled “Hiiyaaaaaaaaaaa” and a total of 9 singles from his second studio album ‘Sinophilia’.

This talented artist has also released music videos on YouTube and Vevo for most of his major hits including “The Hurt”, “Yes Love”, “Im So Slow”, “New Love”,  “Not Your Toy”, “Trust Not”, “Shapeshifter”, and “You Know”.  Apart from that, TomCattt released 5 music videos in 2020 in order to raise funds for the Canadian and American Red Cross earmarked to fight against Covid-19.  These releases include “I Want To Wash Your Hands”, “Virus Fighting Nation”, “A Yes Love Birthday Wish to Jessica From Joe”, “I Was So Blind”, and “Holiday”. The emerging artist writes from his heart as his lyrical content is a living reflection of his own emotional journey.

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TomCattt is a rising Pop artist based in Ontario, Canada. Always being fond of music, he started learning music at a considerably young age. TomCattt started writing and recording music 10 years ago, his music being best described as easy listening and sometimes retro, yet with a contemporary mix and feel.

The dedicated artist has been drawing his inspiration from legendary industry artists including David Bowie, Robert Palmer, The Beach Boys, The Beatles, Zeplin, and many more.



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