Rene Lenz Sings A Lesson

rene-lenz-reviewRene Lenz is an artist who conveys her deepest feelings through song, and her latest single tells a powerful message with the help of the guiding light of a fellow musician. “Let There Be Peace” featuring Randy Ranstrom is a song that you’d hear at a piano bar in an upscale hotel. It’s got a classic approach to it, but also has a spiritual tone to it that would allow it to be played in the congregation as well. The vocals sound almost theatrical in a way that’s telling. The words come through with a good amount of emotion — you feel what Rene feels as she sings along to her pal Randy. The two complement one another well. If you’re into music that’s a little old school mixed with a heavenly scent, check out Rene Lenz and Randy Ranstrom’s “Let There Be Peace.” (