TerryLee Whetstone’s Flute Mastering

terrylee-whetstone-reviewTerryLee Whetstone is an artist who has mastered the ways of the Native American flute playing. “Emergence” is a beautiful instrumental led by the sounds of the flute. It’s got that Native American feel and sounds very traditional. Anyone not lucky enough to be engulfed in that culture should take note and listen. It’s not only great music, but calming as well and suggested for activates like rest and relaxation, as well as yoga sessions. “The Incitement” is another that plays like the last, only with dramatic pauses here and there. The sounds of nature heard throughout “Occultation” really add to the overall appeal of this song. For self-reflection in song, look no further than “Walk Within Yourself.” Things get a little different with “Life At The Mission.” It appears TerryLee Whetstone has taken a more modern approach to the fine art of traditional flute playing. It hits you hard, but in an odd way you end up enjoying it the most. If you’re into the traditional sounds of the flute, but also like to shake it up a bit, check out TerryLee Whetstone. (https://www.reverbnation.com/terryleewhetstone)