Revitalizing the Culture of Hard Rock with Inspirational Prowess and a Progressive Influence: Carry-On Band Set to Soar with New Singles

With their refreshing and stirring new cover version of 1963’s iconic release, “Be My Baby”, Carry-On Band pays tribute to Rock’s iconic culture, while simultaneously fortifying their own stunning imprint.

Northridge, California – August 13th , 2021 – Sending ripples in the rich and dynamic world of Hard Rock, the Carry-On band is on the right track towards establishing themselves with their stirring first release.

Be My Baby”, the band’s debut release, reimagines a version of the 1963 release by the Ronnettes. A captivating and memorable take on the single, “Be My Baby” has been recorded and released with the band’s (Grammy nominated and award winning) producer Simon Phillips’  impeccable audio skills and mentorship. The coveted CD is set to be pressed and sold only at live events, but Carry-On Band aims to release the other original material on the CD, one single at a time. So look forward to a new release every month through their official streaming platforms.

Reflective of 80’s Rock, with a distinct and stunning use of heavy guitars and drums as well as melodic vocals, the band’s music acts as a crossroads between nostalgic Re-Rock, and contemporary elements in both style and technique.

The band is currently looking forward to performing November 7th at the Canyon Club, Agoura as the opening act for The Immediate family (a band the can legitimately called a super group due to their extensive catalog as session musicians) as well as November 12th opening for Lou Gramm of Foreigner. Before those two performances they will release three more originals from the CD as singles with two additional videos professionally produced by Eric Donaldson (From the award winning collective NINETEEN87). The collection of songs is in memory of the band’s lost family and members.

With their music, the band aims to continue to add to the repertoire of Rock music. A still vibrant culture which they believe can’t be covered solely by tribute bands.

“At a time of losing so many of our music heroes, it’s important that the sound and movement they started carries on,” says the band regarding their music.

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A rising new powerhouse in the game of Rock, the Carry-On Band features unparalleled talent and musical experience. Originally formed by Pete Sarenana, the band’s guitarist, to commemorate the passing of his close friend and cousin Ray Carrion Jr. as well as other lost musicians in the community.

Having contributed to local and national charities as well as performed with national acts like Missing Persons, the eclectic group features the collective talents of guitarist Pete Sarenana, drummer Adam Ponce and vocalist Mark Prudeaux, who form the core of the band. Stunning listeners with each new release, the band was also awarded with national recognition for outstanding and invaluable service to the community by the United States Congress on April 2nd , 2011.


Name: Mark Prudeaux
Email Address: [email protected]