Rising “Outlaw Gospel” Musician, Andrew Marshall Lays Out The Path To Transformation in New Single: “I Don’t Live There Anymore”

Andrew Marshall spreads Hope, bringing the masses towards the light in his soul-stirring new single

Woodland, California – July 22nd , 2021 – Mixing the down-to-earth tunes of southern rock and outlaw country, with the inspiring words of Jesus , Andrew Marshall has made it his mission to revitalize a message of Hope that is being spread around the country. His new single “I Don’t Live There Anymore” is his latest commitment to this mission. As it takes listeners on a journey, about rising from the darkest depths through the world of Jesus Christ. A Journey that he is intimately familiar with, one that he has committed to stopping anyone from straying towards.

Andrew Marshall’s signature brand of “Outlaw Gospel” is evident throughout the track, as he takes his music to everyday people. Making his music appeal to the masses, rather than flourishing about wealth; listeners are bound to feel the reliability of the lyrics. In this quest he seeks to help those in dire need.

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Andrew Marshall has known struggle throughout his life, particularly in his struggle with drug addiction. Having experienced drugs at an early age, Andrew had found it difficult to balance these demons in his life, by joining the military he was able to put them on the backside. This would not last for long as after his return from the military he found himself going once again into the lifestyle of drugs, eventually having to face a prison sentence.

It was here at his lowest that he found salvation through the word of god, and embarked on his rehabilitation program in jail. In this, Andrew found his life dedicated to a new purpose, that of spreading the  love of Jesus through the teaching power of music. With his life now dedicated to this purpose, Andrew is committed to stopping others from straying down the dark path that he had been on, and to recover souls that have gone down it.




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