Rising Star Award Winner Ready to Return to the Work Of Christ: Lady Elizabeth Townsend Back on the Musical Stage after Healing from Disease

After needing to take a break from her singing career due to thyroid disease, Lady Elizabeth Townsend is back in town and driven to stun listeners with her seasoned prowess. With her music MY KING JESUS.

Yakima, Washington – November 14th, 2021 – The power of Jesus Christ can be felt all around us, and the need to recognize that power is a process that can help so many on the path to heaven. Veteran singer, Lady Elizabeth Townsend hopes to show to the world this process, and see the glory of the Lord that exists in all forms around us- guiding listeners towards the path of light, love, and life.

Recognizing the power that music can have on the world, Lady Elizabeth Townsend is a musician who has devoted her life to Jesus Christ, and spreading His word. Jesus gave her the song when she got saved as she sings I Find no Fault in My King Jesus she began to share it in her church community. In this journey for the Lord, the dynamic artist has remained steadfast for decades, putting out song after song glorifying His name. In her musical endeavors, she has met both the virtuous and unbelievers, and spread the word of the Lord to them, allowing for a whole mass of people to discover light through God.

Having been a church singer in her childhood, Lady Elizebeth Townsend was always on God’s path, as she knew that she would serve his purpose in one way or another. This turned into her beginning her music career at the age of 28, a feat which continued till she was of 40 years of age. Following thyroid disease at 40, Lady Elizabeth Townsend had to quit singing until just recently when God allowed for her to heal and start on his quest once more.

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A churchgoer since youth, it would only be logical for Lady Elizabeth Townsend to turn into a church singer alongside her three sisters, while her mother Pastor Mary Williams channeled her as she would play the piano for Elizabeth to sing. Growing up, Lady Elizabeth began to develop a deep appreciation for God as a young child, and began her voyage of trying to understand the vastness and magnitudes of His teaching. This exploratory feat was one that overtime turned into her serving the Lord full time. Knowing the many pit falls and traps the devil can set for one in this life, she leaves her past and quotes Therefore if any man be in Christ he/she is a new creature: and old things have passed away and behold all things have become new. 2 Corinthians 5:17 Elizabeth leans heavily on her roots and the words of her King Jesus whom she now gives all the glory and honor to.

When she began her singing career professionally at the age of 28, Lady Elizabeth hoped that she could help others heal from their suffering, as she used the word of God to lessen their pain. Using the My King Jesus Song to help them realize that he came that they might have life and have it more abundantly. St: John 10:10 This message served as her motto for decades till the age of 40 when she eventually had to give up singing but continue her message of Jesus to the world across all social media venues. The Lord would however call on Her again, and Lady Elizabeth has recently been allowed to heal, and hopes to continue down her journey once more.


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