Rob Miller: Not Tomorrow, Not Today

When it comes to painting with music, Rob Miller has you covered with his latest record. The title track “Not Tomorrow, Not Today” has a very trippy feel to it. That can be credited to the eccentric sounds that sit high in the background. With “Julia,” the music starts out very serene and the piano draws you in, and keeps you held tight for the rest of it. The same can and will be said of     the first seconds of “Keep It Cool” before it gets a little funky, but stays light. That trip is back with “Daydream” and it makes you feel like that’s exactly where you are – stuck in a daydream at your desk. Closing out the record is “Porcupine.” It’s hard to know what to expect from that title, but what was had was a metropolitan sound. If you’re a fan of ambient music that provokes a range of emotions and creates vivid imagery, check out Rob Miller’s “Not Tomorrow, Not Today,” out now. (