Robert McKay Delivers Variety With ‘Brand New Old School’

New Adult Contemporary Album Available Now 


Victoria, Texas – July 1, 2020 – When it comes to packing all one can into an album, Robert McKay did just that. Writing every song on ‘Brand New Old School’ but the wonderful cover of “You Are My Sunshine,” he brings about a myriad of genres to the table. ‘Brand New Old School’ is available now on all major music and streaming sites. 

As soon as one hits play on ‘Brand New Old School’ they’re welcomed by the warm embrace of “Would That Love.” Starting with a beautiful Americana feel fans of bands like The Avett Brothers would find themselves attached to. While songs like that offer an upbeat vibe, “One More Conversation” gives way to a more heartfelt performance. There is a lot of balance found within the confines of this record that places rock, country, folk and a few Christian music elements on one plate for an audible feast to be enjoyed. 

A natural-born storyteller, Robert McKay presents that well in his debut but before he dropped ‘Brand New Old School,’ he found himself in a cascade of cover bands over the years. He has spent years writing music on and off, but only started to take it to the next level in the past few years. When he isn’t writing or recording, he’s a practicing lawyer. 

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