Rock It with ARCADIA

ARCADIA is a metal project Tony Burgess started tinkering around with a few years ago and now he’s here and ready to rock it. “Full Metal On” has that rocking sound in the music, but the vocals are left in the wind. They’re hard to make out and yes, that’s normal in the metal scene – but these just feel like they’re hiding in the shadows. I’d love to hear them step out from behind and really bring the rock. With “Icarus” we hear that same thrashing sound and here the vocals step up a bit but they could still be stronger. While the lyrics are more a whisper in “Mind Breaker,” here it works because the music is playing along well with them. It’s like this metal mystery you want to solve. As we head into the last track with “Life” we’re introduced to even more headbanging arrangements and you can’t help but toss your head back and forth and toss up the horns. While we hit some bumps in the road that is ARCADIA, he manages to give a smooth ride here and there. If you’re a metal fan, check him out now. (