Ryan Carver: Illusions of Sanity

Ryan Carver ReviewRyan Carver has a new album out and “Illusions of Sanity” is ready to rock for the Lord. “Lost and Found” brings it pretty heavy. When you hear “Christian Rock” you don’t imagine something like this, so it’s a nice change of pace. Rock on and head into “Thunder Roll” and feel like you’re at a metal show for sure, only headbanging in a positive nature of course. The rock only continues to intensify with each press of play as “Leap of Faith” blasts into the picture alongside the title track actually slows it down and offers something completely out of left field. Carver really tosses in a wildcard with that one. Lastly, we end this wild ride with a simple “Shine On II.” It doesn’t burst like the start, but I feel like Ryan Carver has created a well rounded record that rocked and rolled the whole way through. If you’re in the market for some Christian rock that really does so, check out “Illusions of Sanity,” out now. (https://www.cdbaby.com/cd/ryancarver7)