Blending Contemporary Pop Flavors with Nostalgic Rhythms : James Jube Unveils Stirring New Easter Single

Titled “Easter light”, James Jube’s intriguing new country single is an optimistic exploration of emotions and sentiments, rooted within retro melodies and spiritual tunes

EBBW VALE, Wales, United Kingdom — April 4th, 2021- An artist who continues to inspire and enthrall listeners, James Jube is bound to become a memorable icon in the music world. By drawing inspiration from retro melodic 60s / 70s childhood influences interspersed with underlying Catholic and Christian spiritual roots, Jube presents listeners with an upbeat mix of song writing and lyricism.

On the crossroads of memories, James Jube’s newest single, “Easter Light” presents a spellbinding first look, into the artist’s upcoming 12-track album ‘James Jube in Roseland’- consisting of 2003-2008 recordings that were produced by the late Nigel Gray- famed producer of The Police, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Godley and Creme, among other formidable acts.

Having been released on February 7, 2022, the new single and album present an adaptation, with modified verses, of an earlier religious work by James, originally curated as an Easter hymn and unveiled previously as a recording in 1998.

A diverse collection of singles, ‘James Jube in Roseland’ reflects a broad appeal and range of melodic influences, using styles that range from country tunes in ‘Easter Light’, to pop rhythms in ‘Fit the crime’, and exude a tingle of nostalgic rock n roll in ‘Im OK’.

The artist’s musical compositions reflect a combination of sensory and original lyrics, enunciated by James’ distinctively natural, expressive and resonant vocals. A unique multi-genre offering, all 12 songs of the album are executed with appealing positive overtones, making for a seamless yet enduringly entertaining listen.

While experimenting with a mélange of exciting tunes and combinations, the artist remains true to his Christian calling, underscoring his combinations within his Gospel roots. The artist strives to remain conscious of his spiritual roots and loyal to the source of his motivation, always indebted to the way life and devotion has inspired and influenced his work.

“The spiritual thread, the sense of journey, struggles, seeking and finding love, is obviously common to us all. My song lyrics automatically reflect these aspects in varying depths, using suitably easy language in melodic music genres,” says James Jube regarding his music.

A selection of James’ earlier work with ‘Jube’ (1995-2002) will be available later in 2022. Stream “Easter Light” and James Jube’s newest album, ‘James Jube in Roseland’, and follow the artist on social media for updates on new releases. Contact through email for interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations.




James Chasteauneuf, better known by his artistic identity James Jube is an eclectic singer-songwriter who is based in South Wales. James developed his song writing ability initially to supply material for the different manifestations of his band, in which he was a front man, covering vocals and guitar, while continually exploring opportunities with good record producers.

James’ musical journey took a decisive turn after working with famed producer, the late Nigel Gray. Gray treated James’ performances instinctively and sensitively, adorning it with music arrangements and fitting sound environments, creating room for the appreciation of a wide range of discerning listeners and accessible for easy listeners as well. With the release of his new album, the ‘NCM RADIO MIKE AWARDS 2007’ Best Male Rock Artist’ aims to sculpt a formidable identity in the music world.


James Jube
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